Mark Greenwood has been a full-time itinerant evangelist since 1988. During this time, he has also served part time on the ministry team of two churches, helping them create an evangelism culture and pattern. Mark travels around the UK speaking evangelistically as well as equipping local churches and Christians to carry out effective evangelism. He heads up the evangelism programme at his own church, implementing locally what he helps churches of all denominations to do at a national level.

Mark is an ordained evangelist in the Elim Church and serves on Elim’s national evangelism team, which helps local churches with their evangelism efforts. He is an associate evangelist with J.John (who is also Mark’s mentor), as well as being a member of the College of Evangelists.

He is known as an evangelist who presents the gospel in a humorous and engaging way. He inspires and equips Christians to feel that they can share their faith and not simply that they must share their faith. He is passionate about the local Church and wants to do everything he can to help churches become all that they can be.