Inviting friends to Christian events is always daunting, which is crazy really as we don’t have the same fear when we invite people over for coffee!

At this evening of worship, teaching, practical resourcing and praying, Mark will encourage your congregation. He will help attendees understand the purpose of events and feel that they can invite their friends along to the events that are right for them. Each participant will receive excellent resources that have proven to be very helpful for people as a means of prayerfully inviting their friends to events. All this takes place within an environment of worship and prayer.

Designed as a mid-week event, it also works well on a Sunday evening. It could even run as part of a Sunday morning service, although the same basic material would be delivered in a slightly different way in a Sunday morning setting. Whatever the format, I am sure we can make it work for you and your church, and that it will greatly increase your congregation’s confidence regarding evangelism.

Many churches run this event as a follow-on from the Boot Camp, as another means of equipping, while others run it as a build-up to events such as Reason to Believe, the Life Series and Making a Meal of It.