A recent YouGov poll revealed that 22% of UK Christians struggle when it comes to sharing their faith, and that many churches do not teach people how to share their faith.

Mark’s Boot Camp teaches in such a way that people are inspired in their evangelism, feeling that they are able to do it well. We’ve even seen people recommit their lives to Christ because a new spark has been set alight in them.

Even the most experienced people doing evangelism are guaranteed to learn something as the Boot Camp is about practically equipping people. Communication underpins this course, as it’s not just about what we say when it comes to evangelism, but how we say it.

We give an introduction to evangelism, explaining what it is and how people respond to the gospel, as well as discussing different ways of communicating the gospel.

We help people develop their writing skills so that they are able to convey their testimony stories more effectively. We show participants how to handle people who ask questions and how to answer these questions. We equip attendees to help people say yes to God and to keep going once they’ve made a commitment.

The course ends with a commissioning service, during which we ask God to send us out empowered by the Holy Spirit.