We live in a world in which there is a great deal of pressure, yet at the same time life can be full of ‘funny stuff’. In Comedy and Christianity, Mark will help you laugh at life as well as making you think as he uses humour to unpack God’s slant on life.

The evening is set in a relaxed atmosphere with refreshments. Mark delivers approximately 50 minutes of stand-up comedy with the gospel sprinkled throughout the last 25 minutes. He weaves a clear, cringe-free presentation of the gospel into his set. As with all good comedy, there is excellent banter and interaction with the audience, so some flexibility may be needed in terms of timings.

Comedy and Christianity is a great perception-changing event, so it’s perfect for those who have never been to an event at your church before. Some churches have booked it as an Alpha warm-up event. If you let Mark know in advance, he can shorten his set so it can be added to the introductory Alpha talk entitled ‘Christianity: boring, irrelevant or untrue?’ which works really well with Mark’s own story.

The Comedy and Christianity evening is one of three. The other two are: Curry, Comedy and Christianity, and Comedy at Christmas. You don’t have to book all three, but you might as well! They are fun evenings that present the message of Christianity. All three are a great way for people to hear about God.