Public speaking is an art form. It’s a craft and a creative expression as well as a spiritual call. Great talks are as much about delivery as they are about content: great content with poor delivery makes an adequate preacher; great delivery with poor content makes an adequate entertainer; but when great content collides with great delivery, the result is life-changing communication.

John Stott encouraged preachers to have the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. Your preaching can, and should be, both biblically rooted and topically strong, bene ting those of full faith, little faith or no faith. What we say and how we say it should catch and keep an audience’s attention whether they’re used to church or not. Inspired content together with skillful delivery keeps your message sharp.

In Crafting Your Talk, Mark Greenwood takes you through the process of creating talks that are biblically based, thematically sharp and culturally relevant. He’ll outline the many different formats at your disposal – demonstrating which work best for presenting the gospel – and share the secrets of great delivery, introducing his concepts of ‘the build’, ‘transitional sentences’, ‘life chat’ and ‘piquing the interest to preach the point’. You’ll learn how to use illustrations to maximum effect and how to conclude your presentation with a credible appeal.