When it comes to evangelism do you have a lack of skills or confidence that may also be reflected in your leaders and your church? If the answer’s yes, then you’re not alone! The culture and mindset of many churches are so deeply entrenched that leaders find it hard to look at evangelistic initiatives as something they can implement successfully.

Establishing a rhythm for outreach that is bespoke to your setting can turn this around. Context-appropriate patterns of sowing and reaping can revitalise your evangelism, making and keeping your outreach sharp.

In his popular and transformational session, Creating an Evangelism Culture, Mark Greenwood demonstrates how a change of approach has the ability to transform the mindset and subsequently the culture of a church. Mark will examine such tensions as attracting and connecting, and event or process. This isn’t about shoehorning into a one-size-fits-all solution, but about examining what makes your church unique and building a pattern of evangelism relevant to that. The aim is to find out what works for your context, so you can do it!