It’s a Sunday morning and you have a mixture of Christians and non-Christians within your congregation. Can we speak to both?

Most definitely! Look Closer Sundays do just that. These events can run as a series of evangelistic Sundays that inspire Christians as well as giving clear opportunities for those who aren’t believers to respond.

Mark’s talks are aimed at all people. In other words, his talks are written in such a way that they connect and apply to people wherever they are on their faith journeys. They contain something for the established Christian, the new Christian and the not-yet Christian. The advantage of doing it this way is that it doesn’t look as though we are targeting non-Christians.

One of Mark’s strengths is that he is able to build relationships with the friends of church members in such a way that they will love hearing him speak and will come to hear him many times. Look Closer Sundays are a great way to connect these people with the rest of your church community, giving participants fresh opportunities to find out more. Many people who have heard Mark speak at his other events, such as Reason to Believe and Comedy and Christmas, come along to Look Closer Sundays.