The idea is simple...

A church spends between three and five days having lots of meals in as many venues as possible, using as many themes and formats as possible. We literally make a meal of the church week! This type of mission works as well in cell or small group style churches as it does in more traditional types of church, regardless of denomination. Making a Meal of It also works well when lots of churches take part together. So why not make a meal of it in your city or town?

Each event ends with a talk delivered by Mark, who uses his humour and thought-provoking chat to unpack the life-changing message of Christianity. Making a Meal of It works well as a reaping event as well as a sowing event (the aim is decided beforehand with church leaders).

Many churches run Mark’s Comedy at Christmas event as a follow-on, although in this case the event is called Making a Meal of Christmas. It can also run in conjunction with Mark’s Celebrate events, such as Making a Meal of Harvest or Making a Meal of Pancake Day. Again, these events work well with single churches or with many churches.