Men Behaving Godly is a day conference for men. It is honest and challenging but very inspirational, giving men a chance to ask themselves: ‘What does God want us to be?’

We will look at what it means to be godly in the home, at church and in the workplace. Using multimedia, lots of laughter, along with bacon butties, pastries and lashings of coffee, this has proved to be a significant day in the lives of many men around the country. We still receive feedback from sessions we hosted several years back.

While Men Behaving Godly is designed to be a daytime conference, it can also be held in the evening, although this means there is less time to unpack the material. It has also been used as a men’s weekend away, which provides more opportunity to think through the issues raised.

Sometimes churches book it over the Father’s Day weekend, and Mark has then spoken at the Father’s Day service on the Sunday using the talk from his Celebrate events. We are very flexible with this event, so give us a call to discuss how we can make it work for you.

We have found that running a Curry, Comedy and Christianity evening works well about six weeks after Men Behaving Godly as it is a practical way to take what men have taken from the conference event forward. It’s always good to build on that sort of momentum. Some churches have even used this event to launch or relaunch their men’s groups.