Our Reason to Believe event discusses the most frequently asked questions, demonstrating to participants that it is reasonable to be a Christian. Engaging people in a way that causes them to examine the process by which they arrive at conclusions and beliefs means they will be more willing to hear the answers Mark offers as he relates how he arrived at what he believes. Engaging people in their minds and hearts is important, as not all questions people ask are red herrings. They can be genuine hindrances to believing.

During these evening sessions, Mark asks:

  • Is it reasonable to believe the Bible?
  • Is it reasonable to believe in a God you can’t see?
  • Is it reasonable to believe in a God of love in a world of suffering?
  • Is it reasonable to believe that I can just do whatever feels right to me?
  • Is it reasonable to believe that Christianity is right?

Experience gained through personal evangelism has given Mark the ability to cover the questions he knows many people are asking. As a result, his answers deal with the broader issues linked with these subjects.

While Reason to Believe is totally evangelistic, the very nature of an apologetics-based course means that it will benefit new Christians, established Christians and those who have yet to decide. Churches have run Reason to Believe as a precursor to Alpha, as Alpha starts where Reason to Believe finishes – with the person of Jesus – so the transition is seamless. Like Alpha, Reason to Believe includes food, a presentation, and discussion in a relaxed and safe environment.