Many people find themselves asking, “Who am I?”, “What am I here for?”, “What happens when I die?” and “How do I make the most of my life?”

Set in a relaxed environment, the Life Series helps those who are exploring the meaning of life to realise that there really is purpose to their lives. Although it is primarily aimed at non-Christians, it has also been a joy to see how it has helped Christians.

Through humour, music, multimedia, interview, discussion and chat (with coffee and cakes), Mark takes guests on a journey through life. Week one presents the idea that we are born for a purpose. Week two presents the concept that we can live like people of purpose, and week three presents the notion that even in death there is purpose. We end the series by presenting the fact that God wants to unlock his purpose in us. The evenings are called:

  • Life...before it
  • Life...during it
  • Life...after it
  • Life...unlock it

On the final evening, we offer a relaxed opportunity for people to say yes to God.

While the Life Series was created for midweek evenings in churches, it works just as well on Sunday mornings or evenings, and also lends itself well to a Costa or Starbucks type venue. Churches often run the Life Series before or after Reason to Believe, as it gives guests another opportunity to find out more about the Christian faith. It has also been run as a follow-on from Making a Meal of It with the same idea in mind.