You're a leader. You spend your time and energy equipping and developing others. You recognise their unique gifts and nurture them, but how often do you spend time on your own gifting? You need to keep yourself sharp, but how can you if you fail to pay attention to your inner person? You owe it to God, your family and yourself – as well as those placed in your care – to be the best version of you that you can be.

This is not about drawing up a list of things you have to do or measuring yourself against professional and spiritual benchmarks; it’s about attending to the things that energise and feed you, celebrating and not hiding who God has called you to be and taking care of your long-term well-being. God has given you specific talents and He has given you the responsibility to develop and invest in them. Discovering, developing and maintaining your cutting edge – the thing that makes you distinctive – is crucial if you are to stay sharp as a leader.

In his inspirational and uplifting session, YOUR Cutting Edge, Mark Greenwood shares his own story of almost three decades in full-time ministry. He unfolds the journey God has taken him on and relates how God has challenged him to profound e ect through The Parable of the Talents. You’ll consider your own unique talents and be challenged afresh about how you are investing in them.